Sketch Book 2011

my rebound Sketchbook journal

Well, I am now officially down to the wire. I signed up for this project in July 2010. For some reason it took a while for my journal to arrive. I didn’t get it til mid October. Then I thought quite a lot about the journal’s theme. I rebound the journal sometime in November, then the holidays got in the way. Until today. I have only 5 days to complete my sketchbook. My theme is “In 5 Minutes”, so what I have decided to do is five minutes for each hand carved stamp. I hand carve a lot of my stamps, and I will use those. I only get five minutes to create a page using each image that I have carved. Since I want to highlight the art of the stamp carving, I will use some color. I will use pastel backgrounds, chalk popped backgrounds, maybe some painted backgrounds. I think I can get the journal done and postmarked by the 15th of this month.

I feel rushed, that is my fault. Why, did I take so long to start my journal???? I know that I procrastinate, and I wish that I was more disciplined in this area. I had ideas of making marbled papers for my journal, batik backgrounds, and paste papers, and I could go on with all the techniques I envisioned doing. If, and this is a big if I ever do another project like this, I am going to set goals. I have read that goal setting makes large projects seem doable in small increments.

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