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So, it seems I blog when I challenge myself in some way to do a blog hop.
The last blog entry was an Art Charm Swap Auction blog hop. I am not much of a blogger, nope I am not. I am a ceramic bead maker, a mixed media artist, jewelry maker, paper loving, easily distracted soap crafting artist. I do try to focus on one thing, but it never works. Let me tell you how I got involved in the latest Blog Hop. I have a friend, her name is Diana, and she owns Suburban Girl Studios. She makes gorgeous art beads, and other jewelry. She’s quite the funny one. Every time I see her at bead shows she gives me a time of it. She has been encouraging me for a few years now to try getting into one of the bead shows. She means well, and so my usual modus operandi is to avoid the issue by avoiding the person. She can’t be avoided, besides I just think she is so much fun to be around and also very helpful. The truth is she does have a point, I really should try and make enough beads to try to get into one of the bead shows. I will one day overcome my apprehension and lack of confidence.

Anyway, Diana put a call out on Facebook for a blog hop using Waxed Linen. I actually, bought some after a mini class with Erin Siegel. I got a bit distracted and left the waxed linen in the drawer for another time. So, when I saw Diana’s call, I told her that I have a blog and would like to be part of the hop. She said ok, and here I am finally using my Waxed Linen. I decided to pull out some of my ceramic beads I made, and a ceramic pin I was making and needed to finish. I made the pin, and never finished it. I wondered if I could use the linen to complete the process. Sure enough, I liked it better than my original idea for the piece. Enough about me on to the other artists that are part of this blog hop. Get ready to feast your eyes on all the creativity in this bunch of artists. Enjoy this blog hop and be inspired.bracelet



Blog Hop Artists

Diana Ptaszynski
Kelsy Vincent
Susan Kennedy
Linda Landig
Kashmira Patel
Jenny Davies-Reazor
Vanessa Gilkes
Sandy Huntress
Kay Thomerson
Sarajo Wentling
Kari Asbury
Rebecca Anderson
Melissa Trudinger
Ann Schroeder
Shai Williams
Blanca Medina
Cheryl Brown
Johana Nunez Rivera
Lori Bowring Michaud
Kelly Morgan
Barbara Bechtel
Kristen Stevens
Heather Boardman
Janet Bocciardi
Kathy Lindemer
Lesley Watt
Susan Kolovson
Jayne Capps
Michelle McCarthy
Cynthia Deis
Karla Morgan
Erin Siegel
Becky Pancake
Kelly Hosford Patterson
Sharyl McMillian-Nelson
Inge von Roos
Carolyn Lawson
Linda Younkman
Sandi Volpe
Toltec Jewels
Michelle Mach
Jen Cameron
Dorothy Winchell
Darlene Mansue
Cory Tompkins

21 Responses

  1. Diana P. says:

    I’m really happy you decided to join in. Your post made me crack up! I almost spit my orange juice out while reading it! You know that one day I WILL get you to do a bead show! ::hugs:: Thanks for participating! I’ll force you to do another hop at some point. LOL!

  2. Hi Vanessa, Your waxed linen pieces are simple but beautiful. You accented your ceramic pieces wonderfully. The earrings are my favorite. I would wear those in a heartbeat.

  3. Erin Siegel says:

    Hi Vanessa! I’m so glad you decided to participate in this. Also, I loved having you in that mini-class at Bead Fest a few years ago. I always enjoy seeing you there. Your jewelry turned out beautifully. The texture of the waxed linen goes so well with your earthy ceramic pieces. Wonderful job!

  4. Kay says:

    All three are great pieces. Love the 2/3 focals on the necklace and the earrings are too cute. The bracelet really goes with it all very nicely, too.

  5. Vanessa, such beautiful designs! Your pin is marvelous — the linen beaded embellishments look so good with the rich, tribal, warm & loving art of your ceramic. A showstopper indeed! And your royal blue & silver jewelry is sophisticated & so very cool. Love that you created an adjustable bracelet with the sliding cord, and the triple circle necklace is chic — the pop of silver looks polished & perfect in the design. same for your earrings! Gorgeous jewelry designs! Happy Hopping! <3 Rita

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